Quality and equipment without compromise:

Clipped-in cantilevers

Our premium solution is much cheaper in the long run, with many advantages! The cantilever is dodging bumps and features fast and tool-free mounting as well as easy adjustability.

Screwed cantilevers

Our standard solution: Efficient and robust for heavy loads! Useful if the clipped-in mobile cantilever shows little advantage (e.g. if using gratings or arm bridges).

Solid IPE steel profiles

Highly resilient and robust against shocks! This steelwork technique brings superior economy of price and performance in shelf construction. No voids, no beading, thick steel instead of thin-walled sheet metal!

Any project size indoor/outdoor

We appreciate every order, especially yours! Our flexible production manufactures smaller orders as well as large projects, all with great experience and competence.

Flexible surfaces

All painted surfaces in RAL colours for indoor use (also two-colour). Hot-dip galvanized surfaces for sustainable protection against rust for outside usage.

Custom-made and compatible

Our racks are highly compatible with major competitors' systems: We can complete and extend your racking. Top-quality Heinz parts are your way out of overpriced replacements!
Heinz, quality and competence at a fair price.
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