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The pallet rack.

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extremely robust made of hot-rolled IPE steel sections
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very high load-bearing capacity, even for the heaviest loads
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perfect for outdoor use
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can also be used for mixed pallet types
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flexible shelf lengths up to 4,500 mm +
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fine adjustability every 50 mm

Suitable for every pallet type, variable loading, optimal use of space, extremely robust and weather resistant:
Quality that fits.

Storing pallets is a standard task, but standard racking is not the right solution. Your pallet racking must be tailored to your specific storage needs as well as being extremely robust and weather resistant – a sustainable investment that will last.

1. Dimensions

Do you use Euro pallets or also other types of pallets, one way or custom pallets ? Do your goods overhang the pallet? The pallet racks from Heinz are individually adapted to your stored goods, in length, depth and height. You can adjust the rack height with high precision (50mm adjustment grid).

2. Loading

Do you store heavy loads and do your pallets sometimes weigh 1,500 kg? Our pallet racks can handle it. Do you store lighter goods? We adapt the dimensions of the frames and the bearings to your needs so that you can save both space and money.

3. Location

Are your pallet racks located outdoors? In addition to the storage load, we also take into account other structural factors such as wind pressure, snow load and heat. Our racks are prepared for climate change, but are also protected against rust for decades, thanks to high-quality hot-dip galvanising of the racks.

With you, we plan your racking systems so that any available space is used optimally, even with difficult floor plans.

4. Sustainability

Whether indoors or outdoors, your racks must be able to withstand the everyday rigours of warehousing in the long term. Standard racks made from automated production, especially those made from thin-walled sheet steel, simply don't cut it. Instead, racks made of solid steel sections have clearly prevailed in the industry over the last 20 years.

We only use hot-rolled solid UNP/IPE steel sections for superior robustness and a lasting load-bearing capacity. We build our racks in such a way that damage is unlikely from the outset. This secures your investment in the long term.

5. Investment security

Our pallet racking systems are extremely robust, but also flexible: if your storage configuration changes, they can be dismantled and reassembled without a loss of quality throughout the process.

Heinz Racking Systems is your single-source supplier for robust storage systems, from small racking units to complete rack-clad buildings. We supply everything from a single source.

Compare a standard pallet rack with a Heinz pallet rack

Pallet rack
Pallet rack
Pallet formats
Pallet formats Optimised for standard Euro pallets without any overhang Optimised for all pallet types, whether mixed and/or with overhang
Pallet load
Pallet load Standard load 500-750kg without exceeding it, not even in single compartments. Can be configured for heavier (1.5+ tonnes) or lighter loads
Adjustment grid (shelf height)
Adjustment grid (shelf height) limited flexibility in adapting to the stored goods adjustable with high degree of precision to the stored goods (50mm)
Rain & Humidity
Rain & Humidity Not suitable - thin walls allow rust to build up quickly Weather resistance that lasts for decades
Robustness Forklift driver cannot afford to make errors: prone to kinks or bending, compromising the load-bearing capacity. indestructible, made of thick, solid IPE steel sections; designed to resist impacts
Location Floor plan must fit per chance Can be optimised for complex floor plans
Investment security
Investment security Optimal for businesses with no plans for further expansion: later adaptation/conversion as well as dismantling/reconstruction not possible Adaptation/conversion as well as dismantling/reassembly possible without loss of quality

Quality in more detail




Slipping protection

Slipping protection

Roofs / overhead roofing

Roofs / overhead roofing

Our various accessories also include adapters for different pallet types in mixed use, collision protection, mesh box supports, rear wall grids, load distributors, transfer platforms and much more.
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Continuous shelf level in pallet racking

Gratings ensure the safe storage of different goods by serving as loading aids such as boxes or baskets, by example.

The gratings can be placed on or in the shelves. This creates a continuous shelf level.

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Pallet racking for exceptionally heavy loads

Our racks are extremely robust and can handle a wide range of weights: whether you want to store normal industrial pallets with a load of 500-750 kg, or a load of up to 30 tonnes - we plan and deliver that, suitable for immediate use!

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Pallet racking with roof

A simple, quick and particularly cost-effective solution to build a rack-clad building is to combine your racks with the outer structure of the warehouse. The racks carry the loads as well as the outer walls and the roof – and we’re done! Such wall- & roof-bearing rack-clad buildings are worth considering as an alternative to the conventional method of hall + racks, especially in the case of clear and simple dimensions.

Technical data

Column load:
up to 30 tons
Shelf load:
up to 6 tons
up to 4.500mm and more
typically 1.000mm/1.100mm, other dimensions available on request
Frame height:
Special solutions:
Thanks to the size of our company and our modern machinery, we have the flexibility to implement your special requests at the price of a standard solution.

Delivery time

We deliver over 90% of our orders within six weeks.

Heinz, quality and expertise at a fair price.
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