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Clipped-in cantilever: easily assembled, quickly adjustable, hardly damageable, with minimal costs for replacement parts.

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Flexible storage technology

Successful companies fulfil different demands with every order – their material requirements are constantly changing. The modern warehouse therefore needs to adapt quickly and with a high degree of flexibility in order to accommodate itself accordingly.

Clipped-in cantilevers offer a solution to this issue: they allow the storage levels to be adjusted without tools and in just a few minutes. Even shelf depth and load-bearing capacity can be adjusted by simply replacing the cantilever arms. This way, your storage system is ready for great success.

Resistant to damage

A warehouse needs to be equipped to perform delivery, retrieval and storage operations with high efficiency and speed. Impacts with the racking or individual cantilever arms are almost unavoidable. Your racking systems therefore need to be designed with these factors in mind:

  1. the clipped-in cantilever can evade shocks by the forklift fork in three different directions: up, left and right. This significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to both the cantilever and goods.
  2. since cantilever racking does not require front columns, these cannot be damaged.
  3. the columns in the back are protected from deformation/bending by the flexible cantilever. The rack remains intact and retains its full load-bearing capacity - safety risks are avoided.

Low maintenance costs

Investment security through minimised risk of damage

Any damage to racking elements necessarily requires their replacement: the rack must be cleared out and disassembled, the damaged parts must be replaced and the rack must be reassembled and put back in place. Business is interrupted, and staff is needed for repairs.

The clipped-in feature of our cantilever racks allows the risk of such damage to be greatly minimised, which in turn allows business to continue as usual, with no interruption.

Investment security through quick conversion

Racks with clipped-in cantilevers can be quickly converted or adjusted. A change in demands on your warehouse does not need to affect the sustainability of your investment.

Investment security through best material quality

With clipped-in cantilever arms, the quality of the claw is particularly decisive - the part with which the cantilever arm is hooked into the column. At Heinz Racking Systems, every claw is a high-quality forged steel part, made to last decades. Forget about expensive replacements.

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