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Toge­ther, we find the right solu­tion for your re­quest and pro­duce your rack to exact­ly match your needs. No half-mat­ching stan­dard solu­tions, no compro­mise, but custom-made for you.

with you very soon.

Our racks are made to order, exac­tly mee­ting your de­mands. Never­the­less, we supply over 90% of our pro­ducts with­in 5 weeks.

secure & robust.

You will only re­ceive shel­ving with suffi­cient safety re­ser­ves, cal­cu­la­ted in accor­dance with the appli­cable stan­dards. We take into account all the rules of ten­sion and strain, and add our 25 years of tech­ni­cal ex­pe­ri­ence.

Ranges of use:

Cantilever racking and pallet racks for indoor use

Racks for
indoor use

Cantilever racking and pallet racks for outdoor use

Racks for
outdoor use

Roofed cantilever racking and pallet racks

Roofed racks

Rack-clad buildings with roof and wall

Rack-clad buildings
with roof and walls

Picture of a cantilever rack

The cantilever rack.

for long and bulky goods

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Screwed or clipped-in movable evasive arms
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Made of robust, solid steel sections
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Calculated according to Eurocode 3 and second order theory of deflections.
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The pallet rack.

pallets in heavy duty use

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Made of robust, solid steel sections
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Extremely high loads / load capacity
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Custom dimensions available
online soon!
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Racks for varying goods

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The Heinz rack can store long goods, pipes and metal cassettes, different types of pallets, lattice boxes, stacking frames, boxes and other goods, simply everything. Even alternating, thus always flexible.

To reach this, we link the arms of our cantilever rack with steel bridges or metal gratings, in order to create a continuous storage surface. This not only guarantees best flexibility, but perfect accessibility, too: There are no front rack columns in your way.

We build our pallet racks with a standard bearing length of up to 4.500mm; perfect to store varying pallets with or without excess overhang. We offer a broad range of accessories for both rack types.

Heinz, quality and competence at a fair price.
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